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   2014-05-09 23:00


Let’s start smack'n

…And now I’ll tell you about mailserver.

An ideal mailserver.

It must fit in your pocket. Why?

Because it’s comfortable for you to know what is all of your sensitive and personal data is here - just zip it out…

It is a dream. You ‘ove a device which can be your personal network node. Small. Effective. Fast enough to be a server.

*Mail Server. *Media Server. *NAS. *WEB Server. Your personal blog and media storage. Easiliy share-able and accessible. [backup-able,brick-able,blah,blah,blah]…

Your own group, your own network, cluster, clud, [*CK!], your own aether.

First of all - in any system you need a CORE.

Not a kernel, not a root, but core - simple, solid, brutal and effective.

Ma, I need another RasPI, this one is shi*…

Yeah, pirates and co-sensitives, you really need a hardware to equip your' bay.

a Small amount of hardware - at start you need a battery…. [A VERY, VERY BIG BATTERY] and a mediaplayer.

Ora, Shaman tell me to do this…

Yep, *-faced bro, you' need a few feets of modern metal rope, called “USB-pigtails” to weave a dream catcher…

E.g. - You already grab an 15AH accumulator with 5V/2.1A USB output (iP*ds chargers from china, welcome! in any cyberstore for few bucks) and (look around… and in the scrap box too…) MK802 or clone mediaplayer. You also need an usb cable to connect your battery to the mediaplayer.

Connect the accumulator to this little MK802 brick, and… on your table you have powered computer with 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and uSD up to 64GB.

This little bug CAN work as High Lord Shiva…

Ah, I forgot the software. Crap. Android. *CKin' android on Java. Huh! Android is based on the linux, so we can [why not?] boot linux WITHOUT…

/…let sipped scaffolding on the second floor… everything that comes from the top - is excess/

…I said - without that crap! :^)

Rithual of four movements

  1. … ; wget http*://URL/file.img && dd if=file.img of=/dev/sdZ ; …
  2. Plug uSD into the Brick
  3. Connect Battery To The Brick
  4. Use The Brick

Chrysalis into a Ibis

And then the story opens…

Winds are blowing, rain is polling, caravan goes…

And in the one of the fowling bags lays alone mk802, powered from the solar battery placed on the dramader’s hump. Just a dream…

First of all, we need to build a core of our system.

Core must fit:

Core must not:

Core must be:

…and it must has minimal wrap-unwrap time.

Is it possible?!

It is real.

It is here.

It is Ibis Mail Server Solution.

//applauses 8)