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   2016-05-14 08:47

systemd? Fight!

Linux aksakals! What are you doing with my system?

Many people respected by me among you, where is your look and taste? Arrogant blonde beardless milksop who does everything wrong forced you to obey. He is raped our beloved system, he trampled on the basic principles of its architecture, and you don’t care a bit! You takes his shit like sheep going to slaughter. You are embraced and adopted this crap to your distributions! Where is my plain-text logs, folks? Where is my normal init which I can control and rule it by myself? Where is my every-day experience, worked like a charm for years till last days?

I told you what: today you broke my system and tomorrow you will cry because of casual-tees which you can’t resolve post-mortem of your system installations. Why? You are, linux distributions maintainers, broke the basical unix approach - K.I.S.S.! One action - one program - one daemon - one script - one process - one thread. Keep It Simple, STUPID! It must be done like this, no other ways!

And the whole system must be understandable, from first till last byte of its code. Thats the law. What is not clear?

And now - look at your systems! What the fuck is going on there? There is SYSTEMD, bloated and hungry non-fucked complex of silly dick. But, so loud name! Daemon controls the system!

Let me interrupt myself a bit and ask a three little questions to the Linus Torvalds personally…

If you folks don’t stop these games here and now - there is no future for the linux. No more linux at all. It is just systemd everywhere.

What you are just done? You are done the first step on the way to the complete narco-addiction! Just think. Systemd is like a heroin - at first you liked it, you adopt it and higher the dose, second you obey it and and rise the dose again, you bring to the pusher all what he may want, and… finally crap is kills you at last.
Of cause, - if you don’t strong enough to jump off. Look at the most of junkies, listen to them and you understand what I’m talking about.

You are like these junkies for me, sorry, guys, but like old and stupid junkies. As for Red Hat - I understand them. They are allways wanted to make the money on the linux and rule the linux-world. Dictate. They are in the role of pusher here - it is obvious. But others? Debian, Arch, and many-many-many other names! Look at yourself! What are you doing, guys?! Stop it! Don’t force users to fall on the BSD and leave our beloved system! Yes, there are some men with balls! Void linux, Devuan, suckless comunity, gentoo and slackware (really didn’t expect from these two) - MEN, respect to all! You are on the right left way! Keep it up!

And that… schmuck‘ering, or how thou’s name. Fuck up and fress thou’s dog-food payed by the Red Hat. There are so many assholes in the open-source comunity who is tough thought about what is thou did. Many of them are respectable people and yes, thou ISn’t like them. Thou isn’t like us all. Thou is a just beardless blonde milksop as I told earlier. And I DON’T respect thou because of thou’s “work” and “speak”, insolent brat.